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Feedback Button - All You Need To Know

A feedback button is a discrete tab, icon, or button on your website or web app that allows users to give instant feedback directly on the page. Feedback buttons help fix bugs, spot usability problems, identify growth opportunities, and uncover what your audience truly likes. What Does A Website Feedback Button Do? It sits on any position of your web page, usually on the right side. Once a user clicks on it, a feedback form or popup appears.

Last Update: 2021/09/30
Experiment: Getting Feedback From Non-Buying Sitevisitors

A while ago, I stumbled upon a tweet that stated you miss a huge opportunity when you don’t ask your site visitors why they did not buy now. You could learn why they hesitate, what might be wrong on your site or offer. They used a single Exit-Intent Popup; you know those little buggers when you leave the page, and showed a quick questionnaire with five options and asked the visitor why they are not taking action.

Last Update: 2021/07/07
How to Get Feedback for Your Newsletter

We create newsletters from a self-centric point and need. Usually, to market our expertise as an expert, as a distribution channel for our products and services, or even make the newsletter the product itself. The reader is seen as a necessity because to whom else you wanna sell? Right? But that is only part of the truth. Besides just having people subscribed to your newsletter, you need them to open, read and take action on your emails.

Last Update: 2021/07/05
Experiment: Gathering Feedback in eBooks with FeedLetter

A while ago, I wondered if Feedletter links would also work in my ebooks and if readers are going to use them. So, I started this little experiment and now take you along with it. Setup I chose two of my ebooks that are published on all major retailers, but I did not distribute the test to all channels. I added a FeedLetter section at the end of each chapter and one in the “conclusion”/“thank you” section.

Last Update: 2021/06/04
Magic Welcome Email

The Magic Welcome Email is not a regular welcome email but an additional one with the specific purpose of learning more about the reader. Where’s the difference? Regular welcome emails are a short guide and help to build trust. The reader gets to know you and what to expect from the newsletter. Sometimes, it’s also used to deliver the lead magnet. The problem with welcome email is, people know it is automated, and they expect and ignore those emails now.

Last Update: 2021/04/28
7 Mistakes Creators Make For Getting Feedback On Their Newsletter

I’ve been writing newsletters for some years now, and I made all of the mistakes. And every time I overcame one, I got better results; more readers responding or quality answers. One thing is for sure. If you don’t know what your readers want, you can only deliver value by luck. But let’s stop the intro-chit-chat and dive in. 1. Not Having Any Feedback System At All The biggest mistake most creators make is not having a feedback system at all.

Last Update: 2021/04/28