FeedLetter Case Studies

Case Study: Code with Andrea - Stay on Track With Effective Feedback From Engaged Readers and Repurspose as Testominals

In this part, you’ll learn how Andrea stays on track with the feedback from his most engaged readers, repurposes feedback as testimonials, and warms up the sales pipeline.

Last Update: 2023/10/06
Case Study: Crashing Up - Finding the Topics That Resonate With Your Readers

In this part, you’ll learn about the impact FeedLetter had on Randy’s publishing schedule and finding newsletters’ content and structure that his readers love.

Last Update: 2021/05/11
Case Study: Investing.io - Steer in the Direction That Your Readers Love

Learn how FeedLetter helps Juliet steering the direction for the format and content of her letter that her readers love.

Last Update: 2021/05/10
Case Study: The Curious Bunch - A Reliable System Lets Your Readers Tell You What They Want

Learn what insights Vidya got from her readers once she stopped relying on the typical “reply to my email” and implemented a systematical approach.

Last Update: 2021/05/05
Case Study: Manual do Usuário - Grow Your Newsletter With Privacy First

Learn how an independent newsletter from Brazil went from having no feedback system to getting responses massively from its readers—improving the quality of the newsletter.

Last Update: 2021/04/27