Magic Welcome Email

The Magic Welcome Email is not a regular welcome email but an additional one with the specific purpose of learning more about the reader.

Where’s the difference?

Regular welcome emails are a short guide and help to build trust. The reader gets to know you and what to expect from the newsletter. Sometimes, it’s also used to deliver the lead magnet.

The problem with welcome email is, people know it is automated, and they expect and ignore those emails now.

The Magic Welcome Email is there to get a response from the reader about what they want to get out by subscribing to your newsletter.


We send the Magic Welcome Email with a delay after the reader confirmed their account or sign up, depending on if you use double opt-in or not.

The key to this email is that it must look personally written by you and not like yet another automated email. Of course, they still know, but it does not feel automated anymore.

Keep it sweet, short, and simple, as if you really wrote it right now. Scrap all the fluff. And show the reader that you care and respond to their replies. See my template below.

You’ll be surprised about the results. I had readers telling me so much about their life, what they are looking for, their problems, and much more.

Yes, it will work with your audience too. Personally used it on self-help topics but coding topics too.


Subject: p.s. introduce yourself


I read and respond to all replies to my emails. (Yes, it really is me!)

So please introduce yourself, I'd love to learn more about you!

Please click "reply" and briefly tell me more about you, where you live, where you're at with mindfulness, your goals, your struggles, and where you want to be.

Looking forward to your reply,

Send it roughly 15 to 45 min after the user confirmed the account.

Feel free to use mine as a template. Just replace my topics with yours.

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