How to Add a Feedback Button to Webflow Website

This step-by-step guides covers how to add a feedback button to your Webflow website.

1. Create a Feedback Button

Follow this guide to set up your FeedLetter widget.

2. Go To Webflow Custom Code Section

In the Webflow editor, from Project Settings, select Custom code.

Custom code entered in the Body tag applies to all pages of the site.

  1. Paste the FeedLetter embed code in the Footer code section.
  2. Click Save changes.

NOTE - Custom codes only appear on published sites.

Custom codes you enter in the Before </body> tag only apply to that page. 

Site-wide codes will appear before any codes set on individual pages.

  1. Go to the Designer, select Page Settings.
  2. Paste the FeedLetter embed code in the Body code section.
  3. Click Save.

NOTE - Custom codes only appears on published sites.

5. Test: View the Webflow Site

View your site and verify the feedback button is shown. Click on it and click through the dialog.

6. Test Your Widget: Verify Votes & Comment

Go to your widget in FeedLetter and verify your vote and comment show up.

Now, you’re ready to go.