How to Add a Feedback Button to Squarespace Website

This step-by-step guides covers how to add a feedback button to your Squarespace website.

1. Create a Feedback Button

Follow this guide to set up your FeedLetter widget.

2. Go To Squarespace Dashboard

Go to the Squarespace dashboard of your website

Squarespace dashboard

3. Go To Squarespace Editor - Settings

Click on Settings

Squarespace Editor - Settings

4. Go To Squarespace Editor - Advanced

Click on** Advanced**

Squarespace Editor - Advanced

5. Custom Code: Squarespace Editor - Code Injection

Click on Code Injection

Squarespace Editor - Code Injection

6. Custom Code: Add Custom Code

You can add custom code to one of 4 areas - Header, Footer, Lock page and Order confirmation page.

Code Injection - Lock page and Order confirmation page

7. Custom Code: Paste FeedLetter Embed Code

Paste the embed code into the appropriate area.  Click Save.

Code Injection - Footer with FeedLetter widget code

8. Test: View the Squarespace Site

Review button visible on the right

FeedLetter widget - View on Squarespace site

9. Test Your Widget: - Choose a Rating

Click on Review button, to view ratings available

FeedLetter widget - thumb rating selected

10. Test Your Widget: Add a Feedback Message

Feedback text box - default text

11. Test Your Widget: Add a Feedback Message With Response

Comments added here will appear in your FeedLetter feedback form.  Click Send your message.

Feedback text box - response

12. Test Your Widget: Thank You Screen

Thanks for sharing

13. Test Your Widget: Verify Votes & Comment

Go to your widget in FeedLetter and verify your vote and comment show up.

Now, you’re ready to go.

14. Adding the FeedLetter Widget to Specific Pages (Optional)

  1. Access the Squarespace editor
  2. Click an insert point on the relevant page, from the block menu, choose code
  3. In the code block select HTML
  4. Remove the default text
  5. Paste in the FeedLetter embed code
  6. Click Apply