Integrations: Webhooks & Email Notifications

FeedLetter offers notifications for new feedback comments via email and webhook.

Both are configured on the Advanced tab in the customization section of a survey and are valid only for this specific survey.

You can also set them as default values for Newsletter Surveys under Survey Defaults - Newsletter Survey Defaults tab and then they are used for each new Newsletter Survey you create afterwards.


Entering a valid email address enables the notification feature and you’ll receive an email for each new feedback comment on this survey.


FeedLetter offers a Webhook to send a notification for new feedback comments. You can either develop your own receiving endpoint or use a webhook trigger in Zapier or Make and then work magic.

The notification is a simple HTTP POST request with the feedback details as JSON in the request body.

Feedback fields:

  • id : Unique ID of the feedback in FeedLetter
  • form_name: The name of your survey
  • name: Name of the user if entered
  • email: Email address of the user if entered
  • created_at: Timestamp when the user gave the feedback
  • comment: The comment the user wrote or the URL to the audio file if it was an audio comment
  • vote: The short label of the user’s vote aka rating, e.g. 👍
  • vote_label: The full text of the rating, e.g. 👍 That helped me. Thanks
  • is_audio: A flag indicating if it is an audio comment. true = audio comment, false = text comment

Test the Integration

Use the Test buttons below the webhook and the email notification fields on the Advanced tab in the customization section of a survey. It will send a sampe email notification to the specified email or a webhook to the specified URL.